About Us

The Riverside TV Commission

Riverside TV is a public, educational, and government (PEG) television station that is operated by the Village of Riverside and directed by the Riverside TV Commission. This commission consists of five members serving 3-year terms expiring December 31.

Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Quiet Reading Room located in the Riverside Public Library.


This TV Commission oversees the operation of government cable programming activities within Riverside.

Contact the TV Commissioners directly to submit a request for taping or broadcast of previously recorded material, submit the form via email to us at Cable_Commission@riverside.il.us.


Colin Hughes
Term Expiration 2022

Karina Turner Koncius
Term Expiration 2022

Thomas Orgler
Term Expiration 2024

Eric Sundstrom
Term Expires 2024

Mark Yurkiw
Term Expiration 2022


Production Supervisor
Joe Doria

Technical Director
Lorenzo P Cordova

Production Assistant
Jason Valley

Production Assistant
Sam Doornebos

Production Assistant
Sara Vacek

Production Assistant
Michael DeLeonardis

Production Assistant
Zach Cameron

Production Assistant
Ethan Bork

Production Assistant
Hunter Duzek

Production Assistant
Jake Di Maso

Production Assistant
Delilah Luna del Castillo

Meeting Agendas & Minutes
You can download the current agenda and minutes for the last six months by clicking on the links below.

Agendas Click HERE

Minutes Click HERE

Download TV Commission Forms
Please click on the links below

Please complete the DVD Request Form to request copies of Village Board meetings or other events.

Please complete the Request for Taping Form if you would like Riverside TV to send a crew to record your event.

Please complete the Event Submission Request to submit content for broadcast on Riverside TV. Content should be provided in the form of Power Point slides if possible.

Please have participants complete the Authorization and Release form in order to grant Riverside TV permission to record and broadcast your program.